Here Comes Second Semester

Dear Patriot Families,

Can you believe it?  Second semester is about to begin and we are half-way through the school year.  If you are a Senior, or parent of a Senior, the time is fast approaching towards graduation.

I haven’t posted in a while and I wanted to update you on a few things as we start the second semester.  I hope you will get a chance to look at the information below.

As always, I welcome your thoughts, concerns, and input to our school.

Darah Bonham, Principal



I had a meeting with our staff on Friday and we discussed the opportunity to start second semester by renorming some practices.   I always want to be able to take input from stakeholders and continue to improve upon the work we are doing at the school.  We will be sharing the information below with students this week:

  • Refocus on Patriot Period.  Patriot Period has a great deal of value for our students but we can also continue to make it better.  The primary focus of Patriot Period is student support- academically and beyond.
    We want to increase the opportunities that our students have each day to get support in the classroom and to also have enrichment activities.
    We are looking to increase the enrichment activities with the development of a mentor program that could support a wide range of needs that our students have.  From working on a unique project to getting support in class, mentors can be a great resource for our kids.  If you are interested in mentoring students, either virtually or in person, email me at dbonham@k12albemarle.orgWe will also be adjusting some of the areas that students can attend during Patriot Period.  Having students in classrooms with staff is most advantageous.  For a trail period of time, beginning Monday, January 27, the cafe and gymnasium will not be available for students during Patriot Period.  Students can continue to sign up for the auditorium for study hall or for a particular teacher or activity.

    On a given week we have over half our students not sign up for their Patriot Period sessions at the beginning of the week.  This forces us to place them in a classroom.  All students have the opportunity to signup for the week starting Friday evening through Monday morning and we encourage them to do so.

  • There is a huge correlation between academic success and attendance in class.  We want our students to be mindful of this to make every effort to be in class.  We also feel that the first and last 10 minutes of class are critical students to understand the lesson for the day and to know what is in store for the next class period.  Beginning Monday, January 27th, hallway passes will not be permitted during the first and last 10 minutes of the class except in the case of emergencies.



Senior Parents

(This information is from Jostens regarding cap and gown purchases.)

Good afternoon senior parents! Graduation is around the corner and we want your senior to be ready and not stressed at the last minute.  Please make sure that your senior has ordered their graduation cap and gown and other items in preparation for this exciting day.  They have worked really hard and we want them to be able to celebrate their accomplishment without any last minute stresses.  If they have not ordered you can order online at or by calling 1-800-jostens.


Understanding Your Child’s PSAT Scores

The AHS Counseling Department will be hosting an evening event for 9th-11th grade families this Thursday, January 23, in the AHS Library. The evening will begin at 6:00 pm with a presentation on accessing and understanding your child’s PSAT scores.  At 6:30 pm, Ms. Valerie Gregory, Associate Dean of Admissions from The University of Virginia, will give a presentation on preparing for and understanding the college admissions process. We hope to see you all there.

Library Exhibit

We are fortunate to host the Legacies of Slavery Exhibit from Monticello in the library over the next several weeks.   Here is a link to the exhibit from the Monticello web page.  Students may observe the exhibit as part of their history class or on their own before school or during lunch.

GIS and Mr. Bunin

Check out the very cool recognition our very own GIS and History teacher, Mr. Chris Bunin, received recently for his work at Albemarle.

Additional Resources To Check Out

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