Monthly Archives: July 2013

Art Room Changes

In addition the renovation taking place in the library, there is a major change happening in the art room. As part of our Design 2015 Grant some changes were made in order to create an entrance into the courtyard outside the art room. As I watched, and took pictures of the changes taking place, I was so excited to see that not only would this provide direct access to the courtyard for students during art, but because the door is mostly glass it allows more natural light into the art room. When school begins there will be three doors leading to this courtyard – from the hallway outside the cafeteria, from the library and now the art room. I expect to see lots of students in the courtyard this year!




Library Renovations at Hollymead Elementary School

Library renovations began in June immediately after school ended.  It has been exciting to watch the transformation.  Check for updates on putting the library together again and how the physical changes are just the beginning of what’s new in our library.