Monthly Archives: November 2016

Robin Aldridge Memorial Playground

We have added a musical piece of equipment to the fenced in playground. There is a keyboard and drums for our musical visitors. The funds were raised during the Fun Run Fundraiser on Septemrobin-aldridge-sign_0079ber 12, 2015 and other sources of fundraising including the Hollymead PTO and grants. The new piece of equipment along with the sign dedicating the playground to Robin Aldridge are in memory of Robin Aldridge, an early childhood special education teacher in Albemarle County for many years. We tragically lost Robin and her daughter Mani on Friday, December 5, 2014. Robin had been teaching the pre-school class at Holllymead for two and a half yearsplayground-music_0076.  She was a strong advocate for all students, but especially for students with special needs. She loved children and music and we celebrate her life on a fun filled playground with music.

I want to thank the Robin Aldridge Memorial Committee, everyone who participated in the Fun Run and others who donated their time and money to raising this memorial to honor Robin.