Welcome to Hollymead 2018

Dear Hollymead Community,

Welcome to the 2018-19 school year!  I’m so excited to start my first year here at Hollymead.  I believe in the power of students to embrace their learning through curiosity, and the power of teachers to inspire it.  This is my 15th year in Albemarle County, and I have been a teacher, math specialist, Lead Instructional Coach, Assistant Principal, and Principal.  I enjoy listening to all stakeholders, and figuring out how to help a school best support its students and community.

The focus at Hollymead on meeting the academic, social, and emotional goals of children is something that has inspired me this summer.  I’ve spoken with many parents, teachers, and some students, and it is extremely evident in those conversations, how much care is taken with the learning of students.  The community is active in making the school a special place, and the teachers are dedicated to each student. These are admirable qualities in any school.

This year, I’ll be spending a lot of time listening and learning from all of you about Hollymead and what makes it special.  In addition, I’m interested in how we can engage students in learning that they are curious about while making sure that they are all growing skills that will help them in their future schooling and beyond.  I’ll be asking students about their passions, what excites them about learning, and how we can make them more excited to be at school. I am planning to share some of those stories in this space throughout the year, as well as on the Hollymead twitter feed @HornetNews.

Throughout the year, I hope that you’ll come to the school to see learning, to volunteer in a classroom, to attend a PTO event, or to just share your thoughts.  I know that this community has a lot of built-in expertise, and I’m hoping that some of you will come to see how you can share that expertise with our students. Hollymead is a great place to be, but I’m sure that by working together we can make it even better!  Thank you for your commitment and your support of our students and our school.