A Moment of Pause

We had our November Activity Period this afternoon. In my opinion, it was our best one yet! I had the privilege of moving from one activity to the next and interacting with multiple groups. It is so pleasing to see students engaged in choice activities, letting go a little and being pre-teens and teens in different contexts than normal. Ask your child what he/she did today.

I wanted to give you a brief update regarding our parking lot. ACPS Transportation and the Sheriff’s Office supported our traffic study and worked with VDOT, who owns our internal roads, to order “No Parking” signs for areas where congestion and backlog occur. As soon as the signs can be secured, cars will not be able to park along the roadway between Brownsville Elementary and Henley, nor will they be able to park in other designated areas in the drop off/pick-up loop. I will let our community know when those signs are in. Thank you in advance for your cooperation as we strive to improve student and driver safety!

Many of our students have asked for information about activities, clubs, and extracurricular offerings. We had grade level Town Hall meetings last week to share with them how they might get more involved. As we offer more activities, we will post them to our Henley Middle School Students page under Clubs, Activities, and Enrichment. In the coming weeks, and as the second semester starts, check back often. We also welcome your ideas as to what offerings might interest our diverse student groups.

Finally, we have our first of two holiday breaks.  As I reflect on my early months as principal, I am thankful for our entire school community and for the joy that your students bring to my everyday experience. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I look forward to seeing you at our December events.