New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year! I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of our newest Hornets, our returning students, our staff, and the official beginning of my second year as Henley Middle School principal. I am excited for all of the possibilities that a new school year brings! I have a couple of New Year’s Resolutions and I would like for you to think about what you would like to accomplish this year and what it would “look like” to say you met your goal.

In just a few days we will kick off our teacher pre-service week. Teachers will be preparing their rooms, designing learning for students, and collaborating around our big ideas for the year. Last year we looked a lot at movement in the instructional block and we have a strong foundation from which to build our work this year. In addition, a cohort of our teachers participated in the Buck Institute’s Project based Learning Professional Development, so we will take some time as a staff to consider how best to build that our so that all students may have similar learning experiences.

I look forward to seeing many of you on August 22nd at our annual Open House. The format is fluid and flexible; we don’t organize any events, but allow our students to walk their schedules, meet their teachers, and get acclimated back to school before the first day.

If students cannot make it to the Open House, I look forward to welcoming you on Tuesday, 23 August. One big change that you can expect is that we have moved STING. STING and recess are now between third and fourth period. I didn’t want you to be surprised on the first day; we will take some time review the entire schedule upon your return. If you are a little nervous about the first day, you are not alone. I am, too!

If I can do anything to help make this year your best one yet, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at school. See you soon!


Beth Costa, principal