Henley Happenings-April 27

Dear Henley Families,

We are making our final push toward the end of the 2016-17 school year. I marvel how time can go by slowly and quickly at the same time! I wanted to share a couple of things with you this evening:

  1. Final day to make course overrides is tomorrow. Please double check your child’s recommendations to ensure that he/she is appropriately placed. This is so important for us to know early.
  2. Henley Summer Camp will be held June 26th-July 14th. Our teachers are planning an engaging project and passion based experience for our students. We are also offering an Algebra 1 BOOT CAMP. We are offering a three week course (same dates) to boost students’ confidence and ability in mastering the concepts in Algebra 1. It will be offered for both students who have taken the Alg 1 course already and for those who are going from Math 7 to Alg 1 (rising 9th graders MAY attend). Contact Matt Hopewell, summer school principal (mhopewell@k12albemarle.org) for more information. Conversationally, a rising 8th grader recommended for Pre-Alg Math 8 who takes the Boot Camp course could be ready for Alg 1 next school year. We will make an exception to the course override deadline for those students.
  3. Next week we will hold grades 6-8 Town Hall Meetings. Our focus is on finishing strong! Please talk with your child about the basic tenets of respect-respect for self, respect for adults, respect for peers, and respect for our Henley environment. We will be reiterating these basic principles and working on keeping the culture at Henley kind and welcoming for all stakeholders. We will be sending home a document next week for you to review with your child(ren).
  4. Please don’t forget to check your Parent Portal. Teachers update grades, at minimum, every two weeks. Your child’s teacher should be in touch if there are any problems; however, the Portal is an excellent resource for keeping up to date on your child’s progress.
  5. Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week! I know PATSO has requested gift cards for their daily drawings, but there are dozens of other ways to show our teachers that we appreciate all they do for our students and school community. I am sure that they would love a hand written note or email that shares how they have made a difference.

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback.  It is a daily pleasure to be with your child(ren) at Henley.


Beth Costa, principal