Summer Updates

Summer is officially underway and our halls continue to buzz with students. For a couple of weeks Henley was far too quiet; it’s really great to have kiddos back with us for our Henley Horizons and Algebra 1 Boot Camp programs. We’re already hearing positive feedback from families as our teachers design STEAM activities and a diverse range of learning experiences for our students. It’s not your typical summer school program. I want to acknowledge the hard work of our team: Becky Fisher, Kimberly McLaughlin (Ms. M), Chris Bullard, Eric Drongowski, and Shane Farrell. Their work matters!

I’d also like to acknowedge the hard work of our master scheduler Brian Eberly. We can’t describe the countless hours he spends building a very complex schedule and then ensuring that students have the right classes. It’s a huge undertaking, filled with many stops and starts. Brian’s positive, “can do” attitude is critical for this important job. When our students get their schedules on August 14, it’s because of everything he did starting this past January until now. Thank you, Brian.

I am working on a brief survey to send to you so that I can get some feedback about how we are doing. Your responses will help inform our decision making for the coming school year. I promise to use the information I receive, so please participate. I also welcome you sending me an email or setting up a brief meet so that we can talk face to face. I have some time this month and next before school starts.

Last thing…SAVE THE DATE! Our Open House will be held on Monday, 19 August from 2:00-5:00. We are holding two different sessions so that teachers and students have more time to say hi and figure out their classrooms and schedules with fewer people in the halls and classrooms. The schedule is as follows:

1:30 Principal’s Address (Open House will have not yet started)
2:00-3:30 Open House for families with last name A-M
3:00 Principal’s Address
3:30-5:00 Open House for families with last name N-Z

Of course, if you cannot make one time, please come when you can. If you are flexible with time, we’d appreciate you sticking to this schedule. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

The principal’s address is something I’d like to do this year to help orient new families to Henley. Topics I will be discussing are things like what to expect from our Henley team, communication, student behavior, and other informational items. If you have something specific you think should be addressed, please do not hesitate to email me directly.

I hope you are having an absolutely amazing summer so far. I am enjoying a different pace of life as a middle school principal, but I am already looking forward to a great start to the 2019-2020 school year!

Beth Costa, principal