Closing Out the 2019-20 School Year

Dear Red Hill Families,

On March 13th, schools in Virginia closed to keep our community safe from the spread of COVID-19. Since then, our school and school division focus has been on supporting students and their families. During the week of March 18th, teachers began contacting students regularly to maintain a connection with the school and to promote at-home learning opportunities. The school division’s Department of Technology increased WiFi access and distributed thousands of laptops and iPads. Children Nutrition has provided meal service for children under eighteen. The Department of Instruction developed plans for virtual learning. Our teachers learned a new learning platform, Seesaw, and made plans to teach in a whole new way. On April 11th, the six-week virtual learning option began. It is hard to believe there are fewer than two weeks left.

While we all wish we knew when school could resume “as normal,” there are some calendar events that I can share with you.

May 22nd – Last Day of Spring Virtual Instruction
The week of May 18-22 will be the last week that teachers will mail packets and post assignments in Seesaw. Teachers will continue to respond and give feedback through the following week.

June 5th – Stepping Up Celebrations
Instead of a Stepping Up ceremony for fifth-graders at school, teachers will deliver certificates and gift bags to students at their homes.

June 8th – Report Cards
The year-end report card will be in the form of a narrative describing your child’s overall performance in language arts and math for the year. We will mail them via USPS.

June 10th – Phase II Construction and Renovation Begins
The project is moving forward! The gym addition will include a new stage thanks to Albemarle County Board of Supervisors. Last week, they approved a transfer of the extra funds from the Scottsville project to ours to make this possible.

June 12th (tentative date, time TBD) – Drive-Up, Pick-Up III
Teachers will gather students’ work and belongings from their classrooms and package them for families to pick up at another drive-up, pick-up event. If families have school library books, they should return them.

Throughout this unprecedented time, our teachers, you and your children have been courageous and strong, taking on new ways of connecting and learning. I am grateful for the dedication of Red Hill staff members who have prioritized our students. I wish to thank you, Red Hill families, for sharing your children and your lives with us in ways you never expected.

As we continue to experience the frustrations and the joys of the changes and opportunities of the pandemic, know that we value your partnership with us.


Nancy McCullen